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 How wheatgrass juice powder can be the perfect alternative to over-the-counter antacids.  

Are you suffering from acid reflux? 
Have you tried many things but can’t seem to make it go away? 

Supplementing with wheatgrass juice might be the change that makes the difference. Wheatgrass juice is a superfood that contains practically all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, leading to many health benefits.

Think of wheatgrass juice as an easy to take, concentrated version of leafy green vegetables. An often-quoted statistic is that a single serving of wheatgrass juice contains as many nutrients as over a pound of green leafy vegetables.  

This high concentration of nutrients helps detoxify your body. For people suffering from acid reflux, one of the benefits of this “flushing of toxins” is that the wheatgrass juice will strengthen and improve your digestive system.

woman with acid reflux

What Is Wheatgrass Juice?

“Wheatgrass” is the early stage of the plant that produces wheat grain (think flowy golden fields). Wheatgrass is grown from wheat berries and has the potential to produce grain, but is instead harvested at an early stage at its peak nutritional value.  

At this early stage, its important to note that wheatgrass is 100% gluten-free. Gluten is contained within the wheat itself and our wheatgrass is harvested much earlier.

Once harvested, the organic wheatgrass is washed, juiced and the juice is carefully dried at low temperatures to preserve live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and essential phytonutrients. 

 How Can Wheatgrass Juice Prevent Acid Reflux?

Wheatgrass juice has many health properties that are useful for those suffering from acid reflux. The main way wheatgrass juice helps is by strengthening and alkalizing your digestive system.  

 This is done in several ways:

1) Suppressing appetite + reducing cravings. 

Wheatgrass juice is a natural appetite suppressant.  For many people, when taken daily, it helps reduce cravings by helping to bring your body back to balance. This happens because of the high concentration of nutrients it contains. When we feed our body what it needs we tend to crave less sugary and salty foods.

We’ve all fallen off our normal routine due to vacations, parties or the holiday season. When it’s time to get back on track, wheatgrass juice acts as the perfect catalyst. 

woman suppressing her appetite with wheat grass
wheat grass is part of an alkaline diet

2) Counteracting Acidity / Alkalizing

Acid reflux is often caused by acidic foods like sugary treats, processed meat, and alcohol. They increase the acid in the stomach and can exacerbate acid reflux. Alkaline foods can be used to counteract this.

Wheatgrass juice is an incredibly alkaline food. It helps neutralize the acid in your stomach and can reduce the number of acid reflux occurrences.

3) A Natural and Organic Multivitamin 

Wheatgrass juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, and amino acids. If nutrient deficiency is causing your acid reflux, wheatgrass might be your answer.

Wheatgrass is considered a “complete food”. That means it contains virtually every nutrient that your body requires.

Wheat grass is packed with vitamins and minerals

4) Improves General Well-Being

Beyond the ways that wheatgrass juice can help people suffering from acid reflux, it can also rejuvenate your body to a sense of well-being.  

When our bodies are out of balance we often have:

  •  Low energy with chronic fatigue 

  •  Poor digestive health 

  •  Elevated blood pressure and/or sugar 

  •  Lack of mental clarity 

For many people wheatgrass acts as the catalyst for a series of positive health habits. Before you know it taking a few shots of raw nutrients can lead to:

  •  More time spent exercising 

  •  Weight loss 

  •  Healthier eating habits 

  •  Waking up earlier 

wheat grass helps acid reflux along with other good habits

Where Can I Get Wheatgrass Juice?

You don’t need to pop into a Whole Foods or a juice bar to experience the benefits wheatgrass juice has to offer.
Thanks to wheatgrass juice powder, you can enjoy the same health benefits at your own convenience at a much lower price. 
It is worth noting that if you do buy a wheatgrass supplement, you want organic wheatgrass juice powder, NOT ground wheatgrass. The key word here “juice powder”. When you buy juice powder you’re getting all of the raw nutrients present in wheatgrass at a concentration of over 10 times that up ground up blades of grass (which is basically expensive fiber).
Sweet Wheat®
is organic wheat grass juice powder available in both capsule and powder form. 

If you’re looking for convenience, we recommend the capsules. 
If capsules aren't for you, go with the powder. Mix it with water, your favorite smoothie, juices or acai bowl. 
Sweat Wheat can help treat acid reflux

Sweet Wheat® can be used as part of a holistic approach to treat acid reflux. In conjunction with exercise and a few simple diet changes, wheatgrass juice can be a powerful tool that helps lead to fewer bouts of acid reflux. 

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