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What is Multi-Collagen Protein?

two white spoons on a counter, one filled with collagen protein powder, one filled with collagen capsules, next to a glass of water and a green plant

One collagen is not like another, which is why multi-collagen protein supplements are so beneficial. Manufacturers of high-quality multi-collagen protein powder take some of the most “essential” collagen types for the human body and blend them into one powder. Think of that powder as something similar to a collagen-style multivitamin.

plain white jar of collagen protein powder with full scoop leaning against the jar

It’s easier to understand the importance of multi-collagen protein powders if you think of collagen types as vitamins and minerals. You may already know that vitamins are organic substances that your body needs to function correctly. There are many different vitamins in the human body, but a limited number are essential.

five wooden spoons, each containing different essential vitamin tablets

The essential vitamins are A, C, D, E, K, and B (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, B6, B12, and folate). Minerals are inorganic substances that are vital for your body’s health and function. You’re likely aware of some of the essential ones, including calcium, copper, and magnesium, and that your body needs both vitamins and minerals for different bodily functions.

What are the Different Collagen Types?

That brings us to collagen, the most abundant protein in your body. Scientists agree that your body produces more than 20 types of collagen. Like various vitamins and minerals, some collagens play more important roles than others, which means that not all of them are considered “essential.”

three plastic protein scoops on a wooden table, each containing a different type of collagen protein powder

Below are the different types of collagen that are vital for the body, as well as a note about how each functions:

  • Type I is found in bones, healthy skin, and other tissues, and it’s the most abundant collagen in your body.

  • Type II supports your joints and connective tissues.

  • Type III is found in your skin and organs, and it’s the second-most abundant protein in your body.

  • Type V is best known for forming the placenta in pregnant women, but it also plays key roles in the cornea, intestines, liver, and elsewhere.

  • Type X is found in cartilage and is said to help with the calcification process.

You can think of these as the “essential” collagens in your body.

So, What is a Multi-Collagen Protein Supplement?

a spoonful of collagen powder being added to a tall glass of orange juice, next to a small dish of multi-collagen protein powder on a lavender purple background

When manufacturers create multivitamins, they generally add the essential ones to their products. In much the same way, manufacturers of high-quality multi-collagen powder protein combine the most “essential” collagen types into one supplement. Just as you can choose to take only one individual vitamin, such as vitamin D, you can also choose a supplement that is entirely or primarily made from one type of collagen (such as Type I collagen).

People often choose multi-collagen protein for the same reason that they choose multivitamins—they are a convenient way to add “essential” nutrients to your body. Perhaps one of the main stumbling blocks for many people choosing a multi-collagen protein is that they aren’t familiar with the “essential” collagens listed above.

The essential vitamins and minerals are relatively well known to many people in the United States (and if not, you can certainly do your own research or speak with your physician). What this means is that you can then have a fair degree of certainty about selecting a multivitamin that will work well with your body. Many people aren’t as familiar with the “essential” types of collagen, so selecting them is not as straightforward. You want to make sure the supplement you choose has those.

woman in white lab coat and black rimmed eyeglasses inspecting a large jar of multi-collagen powder protein for quality

What Is the Difference Between Collagen Protein and Regular Protein?

All protein is made up of various amino acids, so the difference between collagen protein and “regular” protein comes down to chemistry. There are 20 to 22 different amino acids that combine in various ways to make protein, which is either animal or plant-based. Like vitamins, minerals, and collagen, there are “non-essential” and “essential” amino acids that need to be continually replenished because the body does not store amino acids.

man in gray shirt adding a scoop of collagen protein to his morning shake

Collagen protein is produced naturally by the body, but it depletes as you age and encounter various environmental factors such as pollution and excessive sunlight. Some essential vitamins (such as C), minerals (including copper), and amino acids (proline, glycine) from food and supplements are needed to spur collagen protein production.

Does Multi-Collagen Really Work? 

Although human clinical studies have not proven that multi-collagen supplements diagnose, treat, cure, or otherwise definitively provide health benefits, there are promising preliminary research findings that show the benefits of collagen. Some of the potential benefits include improved knee function, healthier nails, healthier hair, stronger blood vessels, and reduced knee stiffness.

a metal spoon of multi-collagen powder on a wooden surface

Of course, to potentially work, multi-collagen must include the right “types” of collagen. As with many things, more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to collagen. That’s why it’s vital to carefully choose the highest-quality dietary supplements. It’s also important to know the “essential” types of collagen we listed above.

The Benefits Depend on Many Factors

Like many things, the benefits you get from collagen also depend on subjective factors, including your health profile, other medicines or supplements you take, and your diet. That’s one reason it’s always important to talk with your doctor or health care professional before adding any collagen peptides, membrane collagen, or another collagen supplement to your diet.

an elderly woman consulting her male doctor about taking a daily dose of collagen for health maintenance

What collagen can do for you also depends on the amount of collagen you take. There are no official guidelines on how much you should take per day, but the typical daily dose is 12-15 grams. However, this can vary depending on whether or not you have a medical condition, take it for daily maintenance, or have more specific issues to address. Again, it’s always best to consult your doctor before you work a collagen supplement into your diet.

Why Many Rely on Multi-Collagen Protein Supplements

There’s little doubt most people want to find the best ways to become and stay healthy, but busy schedules keep many of us from eating the healthiest diets possible. That’s why they choose to boost their diets with multi-collagen supplements—but finding the right one isn’t always easy.

For one, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t oversee these products like they do with food and medication. Instead, manufacturers act as their own watchdogs for supplement quality and production. As such, it’s important to do your own research but also confer with your physician to see if adding a supplement to your routine makes sense.

research scientist, wearing mask, goggles and hairnet, examining two different wheat grass samples in test tubes

Discover What All the Hype is About

If you’re looking for a high-quality multi-collagen supplement, consider Brightcore’s Revive®. This powder is made from the highest-quality ingredients, including grass-fed hydrolyzed bovine, cage-free chicken, wild-caught fish, and eggshell membrane. Plus, it is infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Woman's hand reaching out to stir a glass of ice water with a straw, next to a jar of Brightcore's Revive, a high quality, organic multi-collagen supplement in powder form, on a yellow background

Revive provides support for joints, bones, skin, and the rest of your body. Plus, it’s tasteless, so you can easily mix it into your morning coffee, a smoothie, chicken bone broth, yogurt, or any other part of your daily menu.

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