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Best time to take collagen

You're not alone if you’re wondering when is the best time of day to take collagen. You'll find advocates for morning, afternoon, and evening collagen regimens. It’s important to note, though, scientists haven’t reached any conclusions on the ideal time to take it.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a “best time.” For now, the answer depends entirely on your unique body chemistry and preferences––to a point. One position upon which scientists agree is that collagen works best when you commit to taking a dosage each day­­––just as you likely do with vitamins and prescription medicines. The proper dose is printed on the directions of the supplement you take.

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But a lack of scientific findings doesn’t mean you should take it in the morning one day and in the evening the next. For one thing, you may forget to take it. Also, it may affect your body differently depending on when you take it. One of the first things to do when deciding to order collagen powder is to consider your lifestyle, diet preferences, and body reactions. That will help you determine the best time for your personal needs.

One example is that early risers who like to drink coffee, tea, a smoothie, or other beverage soon after they awake will likely find the best time to take collagen powder is in the morning. Why is that likely the best time? Because it easily fits into your daily routine.

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Do I Have to Take Collagen on an Empty Stomach?

There are plenty of collagen supplement fans who insist that it’s best to take collagen before you eat or drink anything else. Their point is that collagen is more quickly absorbed into the body when there is nothing else in the stomach.

A study suggests the elderly may find that protein such as collagen is more quickly absorbed on a stomach empty of carbohydrates. The researchers said long-term studies were necessary to determine if the study results were conclusive.

Yet, people of all ages who take collagen insist that unfettered stomach acids break down the supplement more quickly than they would if other foods were in the stomach. That quick breakdown, they say, allows you to receive the maximum benefits. Collagen can support increased skin glow and hydration, which reverses wrinkles, tightens jowls, relieves pain, increases weight loss and builds muscle.

So the answer is that you needn't take collagen on an empty stomach, but doing so may be beneficial, according to some users. Taking collagen supplements in the morning––and the recommended dosage, of course––on an empty stomach is safe, according to research.

Is it Better to Take Collagen Supplements at Night or in the Morning?

There are so many advocates for taking collagen in the morning, and it leaves many people asking, “Can I take collagen before bed?” The short answer is “yes.” In fact, there are user anecdotes that suggest potential benefits to the nighttime routine. Many collagen supplement users claim collagen helps them relax and drift into a restful sleep.

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Again, there are no definitive scientific studies to back the claim, but it is not without merit. According to a study, collagen contains an amino acid called glycine that relaxes the nervous system and lowers body temperature. The findings noted the lower temperature aided sleep for insomniacs. Plus, collagen helps create a hormone called serotonin, which studies say aids in sleep.

That’s because collagen is loaded with the amino acid glycine. That amino acid helps calm the central nervous system. That allows for increased relaxation and sleep. Plus, scientific studies have found that it improves sleep quality. That's vital to good health. The body repairs muscles, organs and strengthens your immune system when you sleep.

What is Collagen Powder?

Before we address the question of when to take collagen powder, it‘s helpful to define what it is. As you may know, collagen is a structural protein that is abundant in all mammals’ bodies. Collagen production in your body is a given.

Collagen powder is essentially hydrolyzed collagen protein. The amino acids were broken down, so it is quickly absorbed. This allows the collagen to better support the treatment, cure, or prevention of dry skin, joint pain, weight gain or other maladies for which you take it.

The great news about collagen powder is the best time of day to take powder is anytime. That is as long as you take it on a regular, daily basis and ensure the powder is high-quality. You can determine if a collagen powder is high quality by the ingredients it contains.

BrightCore Nutrition’s Revive® is created from all healthy ingredients, including cage-free chicken, wild-caught fish, and grass-fed hydrolyzed bovine. It is then infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which adds more support to your overall health.

Unfortunately, all collagen supplements are not of the same quality. It’s important to understand the animal sources, farming methods, and any potential contaminants in the product before you take them. The potential benefits of collagen are many, but it won’t be effective if the powder is made with heavy metals or chemicals.

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When is the Best Time of Day to Take Collagen Powder?

As we’ve noted, collagen is a protein, and the best results come from consistent use, no matter what time of day you take it. Some collagen powder supplements are tasteless, which means you can easily mix it in with your morning coffee, enjoy it with a midday smoothie, or add it to your tea after dinner. You can even drink it with bone broth, a collagen-filled food, as a replacement meal.

People swear regular use of collagen powder helps support your goals of achieving glowing skin, joint pain relief, and other wellness benefits. How you work collagen into your personal menu is up to you, and a high-quality collagen powder supplement like Revive® makes that easy.

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Susan Martin
Susan Martin

May 19, 2021

My sister Beverly gave me a couple cans of Revive, I’m in my 60’s and my skin was looking pretty bad, especially under my arm’s. I started adding Revive to my coffee once a day. I’m so happy w/ the results. I couldn’t believe it. Thank you for making this product.

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