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Our Story

Kim Bright founded Brightcore Nutrition back in 1996 on a single principle:

 “Improve conditions in life for all of society through better nutrition and education.”

Drawing upon her 30 plus years as a nutritional consultant and educator, Kim Bright realized early on that the absence of valuable nutrients in today’s diet was an underlying cause for physical, mental, and spiritual deficiencies. She knew that, when restored to vibrant health, these formerly deficient people were able to create greater influence to better the society around them.

Driven by profits and shelf appeal, commercial farming has depleted the food supply of most all the nutritional quality. The soils have been leached of their  minerals and “innovative” technologies are being utilized to create genetically modified foods that are all show and no substance. These foods look great on the shelf, provide minimal micronutrients and even pose unknown dangers to the consumers.

When she discovered wheat grass, Kim knew it was the key to handling this because it offered the greatest range of benefits. Wheat grass, when grown under the proper conditions and juiced, provides these desperately needed minerals, live enzymes, and vital micronutrients in highly assimilable quantities. Wheat grass is the only plant that pulls ALL of the mineral content from the soil, making it available within the plant juice.

Beginning on a small country farm, Brightcore Nutrition became one of the earliest companies to produce certified organic, wholefood supplements. In growing wheat grass, we follow the principles and practices of the late Dr. Ann Wigmore, famed nutritionist and Hippocrates Institute founder who helped thousands regain their health. Utilizing a proprietary, low temperature drying method, we created a convenient wheatgrass juice powder that retains and protects the essential life-giving nutrients and fragile enzymes found in our premier product: Sweet Wheat. 

Over the years, we have grown and expanded with more products and people. However, we are still family owned and operated with the same mission, vision and values from our original founding: To improve conditions in life for all of society through both nutrition and education.

We follow a simple philosophy here at Brightcore Nutrition: “Treat our customers the way we would treat our family.” That goes for all aspects of our company, from customer service to providing only the highest quality products and ingredients we can find. 

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our product line in every phase of production, from soil to spoon. This operating principle continues to guide us toward new products, advanced education and programs. In a society that is experiencing a nutritional revolution in its return to basics, Brightcore Nutrition is leading the way.

Our Promise

You have high standards. So do we. As a family owned and operated company, we create products that we’re confident will enhance the lives of our family, friends and customers alike.

All of our raw materials are extensively researched and every final batch is rigorously tested by third party labs to ensure potency, quality and safety. Each of our products are made right here in the USA in FDA inspected, Certified GMP facilities.

You’ll also never find unnecessary binders, fillers, preservatives or artificial sweeteners in any of our products. that is our promise to you. 

Meet the Founder

Kim Bright, celebrated nutritionist and founder of Brightcore Nutrition, has been featured on nationally syndicated radio and television, as well as consulted more than 15 thousand people on health and nutrition. But even she had a less than healthy beginning.

Kim began life on the Standard American Diet (or SAD diet): lots of red meat, sugar and dairy, a few vegetables and a multi-vitamin. By age 20, while honing her acting skills at the CBS Film Industry Workshop and the Beverly Hills Dance Academy, she had graduated to bottomless cups of coffee, along with tons of sugar and alcohol. Drinking had become such a part of her life that she completely forgot to watch her television debut and ended up with severe alcohol poisoning.

When she awoke, she decided enough was enough and launched her physical and spiritual quest with a fourteen-day fast consisting of nothing but water and vegetable broth. Coming off her dietary fast, clear headed for the first time in years and feeling so revitalized, step by careful step, she went from fruits to a vegetarian diet, then added organic chicken and fish. She began a search for understanding. Month after month she read and met with every authority she could find on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Every time Kim found something that seemed right, she’d try it on herself. If it produced positive results she would ask others to try it to see how it worked for them. She reasoned that if the SAD diet had affected her so badly, others were in the same boat and didn’t know or suspect it.

It wasn’t until she was attending a seminar on macrobiotics that a light came on. The discussion centered on the balance of nature. It applied these principles to the expansive and contractive nature of foods and how an imbalance in these basics would disrupt the vibrant health that should be a natural state.

That spark was only a beginning. Kim found that she had to unlearn the falsehoods she’d accepted as nutritional fact before she could assimilate the Macrobiotic philosophy. She went to the Kushi Institute to study under masters of modern macrobiotics, Michio and Aveline Kushi. She excelled, and before long she was asked to teach.

Incorporating what she had learned and taught at the Kushi Institute, Kim launched M.E.C.C.A. (The Macrobiotic Education Center of Connecticut and Associates) to teach a completely balanced lifestyle. Here, she brought experts from around the world to teach about macrobiotic philosophy and cooking, wild food foraging, non-toxic homes, and natural cosmetics. Noted author and alternative medicine advocate, Dr. Bernie Segal, of Yale, sent select cancer patients to MECCA and achieved spectacular results.

Kim began inviting MECCA nutritional clients to her home to demonstrate how they could cook wholesome organic, natural and macrobiotic food for themselves that was neither bland nor tasteless. Soon fifteen dinner guests became one-hundred and Kim found herself with another career - “Restaurateur.” Her macrobiotic restaurant, A Change of Seasons, was dedicated to promoting a diet rich in the finest seasonal foods from local organic farms. It opened to rave reviews. Many celebrities and fortune 500 company heads made it a weekly, if not daily, dining destination as they could not believe how great the food was and how great the food made them feel.

The Standard American Diet deficiencies left the public wide open to low energy, morbid obesity, a host of diseases and shortened lives. She also realized that a lot of people wanted to do something about it, but they were not going to radically change their diet and way of living. They wanted a quick and easy solution and would take only a few supplements. 

In her continuing drive to maximize her results, Kim found that wheat grass grown in nutrient-rich soil drew virtually all the minerals from the soil and, when juiced, provided readily assimilable mineral content. She decided to start her own company to produce and distribute this incredible product. Using the technology developed by NASA, she found that she could freeze dry wheat grass juice at super-low temperatures and capture all the minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients, while retaining all the live enzymes. Sweet Wheat® Organic Freeze Dried Wheat grass Juice Powder was born and success stories have been rolling in ever since.

Kim continues to work on products and tools that will improve health and wellness. In addition to her new product research, she is currently working on new book to share, not only her own adventure of discovery, but a program that makes a balanced lifestyle possible and practical for everyone.